expression Description
d20+2 Roll a D20 and add 2 to the result. Basic math operators like -, +, *, /, ** (exponent) and % (modulo/remainder) are supported.
4dF Roll 4 Fudge/Fate dice.
3d6d1 Roll three D6s and drop the lowest one. You can keep highest dice with kh, drop the highest with dh, and keep the lowest with kl.
2d20kl1 Simulate disadvantage by keeping the lowest result out of two D20s.
2d20r1 Roll two D20s, re-rolling any 1s. You can also re-roll dice based on comparisons, ex. 2d20r<3 to re-roll all results of 3 or less.
d20ro1 Roll a D20 and re-roll it only one time if the first result was a 1. Comparison checks work here too, like 10d8ro>4!
8d6s Roll eight D6s and sort the results in ascending order. To sort results in descending order use sd: 8d6sd.
2d6 + 1d4 + 3 Combine dice groups and math together in a single request.
3d6 # Fire damage Add an inline label for an expression after a # or \. The label will be included in the response text.