Command Description
/buttons Mobile-friendly dice button pads
/buttons dnd5e Common D&D 5e system dice rolls
/buttons fate Common Fate (and Fudge) system rolls
/clear Data removal commands
/clear recent Clear your recent roll history.
/clear expressions Clear your saved roll exressions.
/expressions Commands for managing saved expressions
/expressions save Save an expression with an optional name and label
/expressions unsave Remove a saved expression
/expressions edit Edit your saved expressions (experimental)
/expressions export Export your saved expressions to a CSV.
/expressions clear Clear your saved roll exressions.
/help Show help for using Dice Golem.
/info Show bot information for Dice Golem.
/invite Request an invite for the bot.
/ping Check response times.
/preferences Configure your preferences
/preferences recent Suggestions based on your recent rolls
/preferences output Roll output preferences
/private Make a roll to have DMed to you
/roll Roll a dice expression
/secret Make an ephemeral roll that only you will see